Sapphire™ Teeth Whitening

Sapphire™ Chair-side Whitening is a great way to achieve a bright smile in under 2 hours.

Photo of Sapphire™ Teeth Whitening SystemThe shade of our teeth is determined by the inner layer of our teeth, known as the dentin, and the outer layer of our teeth, the enamel, just characterizes the shade.

Many over-the-counter whitening systems cannot penetrate the tooth to the enamel, thus in most people the effect of that type of whitening is minimal. Dental office whiteners penetrate to the dentin, and therefore are much more effective. After isolating your gum tissue, whitening gel is applied to your teeth for 45 minutes to 1 hour while being activated by a plasma arc light. Often teeth will brighten 2 or more shades in just one session.

Chairside whitening tends to work better than take-home whitening systems. Due to our ability to protect the gum tissue, we are able to use much higher concentrations of gel. Postoperative discomfort is also lessened in duration. Discomfort can be more significant than that caused with take-home whitening (although often this is not the case), but it almost always resolves within 24 hours. The gel also penetrates father into the tooth when high intensity light is applied to it.

Touch-up sessions are available at a reduced rate, but they are usually not needed. Take-home trays and gel are supplied as a courtesy to our chairside whitening patients so that they may boost or touch-up as desired at home. Aside from mild discomfort for 24 hours there are no side effects.

Call our office for more information about Sapphire™ Teeth Whitening, or to make an appointment: Federal Way Office Phone Number 253-946-6361.