Partial Dentures

Please view the case studies below for patients who received partial dentures, dental crowns, and bridgework. Call our office for more information: Federal Way Office Phone Number 253-946-6361.

Partial Denture Patients

Case Study 1: Missing and deteriorated teeth.

Before Photo: Upper Teeth With Worn Molars: If you have extremely worn or missing teeth in the back of your mouth, and if implants are not possible, a removable partial denture can be your treatment option possibly coupled with dental bridges and crowns.

Before Partial Denture photo: Roof of Patient's mouth, showing decayed molars and fillings

Before Photo: Missing Lower Back Teeth Notice how there is a gap on one side and a row of missing back teeth on the other.

Before Partial Dentures photo: Patient mouth with silver fillings and missing lower back teeth

After Photos: Restored Upper Teeth: The patient’s upper arch was restored with a 3-unit bridge for the right back teeth and crowns. A 3-unit Bridge consists of three dental crowns connected together to restore a missing middle tooth. This missing middle tooth is called a pontic tooth.

After photo: Patient with dental crowns to restore missing upper teeth

After Photos: Restored Lower Teeth: The patient’s lower arch was restored with a 3-unit bridge, dental crowns, and a removable partial denture. A removable partial denture is composed of metal framework, rest seat, clasp, and denture teeth with pink acrylic.

After photo: Patient with 3-Unit Bridge and Partial Denture to restore missing lower back teeth

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