Complete Dentures

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All Upper and Lower Teeth Replaced Patients

Case Study 1 for full dentures.

Before Photo: Missing All Lower Teeth, Mouth Interior: Complete upper dentures are often very successful. However, lower dentures are hard to achieve good retention due to less adapted tissue and strong muscle such as the tongue. Dental implants with locator abutments on the Edentulous Arch can improve your quality of life significantly.

Before Complete Denture photo: Patient mouth, missing all teeth, with 2 dental implants and abutments in lower jaw.


Before Complete Denture photo: Lower jaw, missing all teeth, with 2 dental implants placed.

After Photos: Complete Upper and Lower Dentures Complete dentures can restore your function and smile. Retentive lower dentures can significantly improve your function and quality of life.

Left: Before photo of Patient smile without teeth. Middle photo: Complete Denture appliances. Right: After photo of Patient smile without complete dentures.

Close up of toothless mouth

Photo of complete upper and lower dentures, side view

After front facial view of patient wearing their complete dentures
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