Porcelain Veneers

Please view the case studies below for porcelain veneer patients. Call our office for more information: Federal Way Office Phone Number 253-946-6361.

Porcelain Veneer Patient 1

Case Study 1: Worn and discolored teeth.

Before: This patient did not smile for a long time due to tetracycline staining in their teeth. 
Before Veneers photo: Patient 1 with chipped, worn & tetracycline-discolored upper teeth

After: They quickly learned to smile soon after porcelain veneer treatment to create ideal smile and masking underlying tetracycline staining.

After Porcelain Veneers photo: Patient 1 with full sized, white upper teeth

Porcelain Veneer Patient 2

Case Study 2: Uneven teeth and gaps.

Before: This patient did not like all the spaces in their front teeth. Their teeth were not wide enough for their big wonderful  smile. This is after 1 year of orthodontic treatment, and he is ready for his perfect smile. Spaces are created on purpose with smile analysis to accommodate balanced and symmetrical front teeth.

Before dental veneers photo: Patient 2 with worn, gappy upper teeth

After: Porcelain veneer treatment ideally balanced their front teeth to accommodate their big natural smile.

After Dental Veneers photo: Patient 2 with white, even upper teeth

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